Information Technology & Engineering

Advantex Professional Services is in the business of finding the right person for your organization. Whether it is working on a short-term consulting project, increasing your IT/engineering staff, or replacing a key contributor, we can help you find the right solution for your IT and engineering staffing needs.

Every Advantex recruiter has a specific expertise and therefore understands the hiring needs of IT and engineering organizations. From the years of experience recruiting and our professional affiliations, we have developed an in-depth knowledge in finding top technical talent. This experience allows our recruiters to understand your needs and leverage their network of contacts to find the skill set, experience and cultural fit that is right.

Our Process
Advantex prides itself on the quality of recruiters and the resources we have in place to support your hiring needs. From our internal training and state-of-the-art technology to our professional affiliations and networks, we will find you the right candidate.

Step 1: We partner with you to complete a thorough job requirement analysis to include skills expectation, compensation, position duties, responsibilities, and cultural fit.

Step 2: The key to hidden talent is leveraging our recruiters’ experience, expertise and established network to identify the passive and active job seekers that meet your hiring criteria.

Step 3: Our experts interview each candidate face-to-face to assess their hard/soft skills and their professional objectives.

Step 4: We thoroughly reference check each candidate to confirm past performance and determine future potential.

Step 5:Once we find the right candidate we provide our clients with a customized candidate presentation which highlights why the candidate is the right fit for the position.

Step 6: Our market knowledge and technical expertise can guide you through the hiring process, including: interview coordination, salary analysis, candidate debrief and feedback, salary negotiations, offer letters, and pre-employment screening requirements.